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We are a dedicated team of industry experts, and like-minded professionals who do business, generate ideas and realize them.

Finance, Marketing, Jurisprudence, Business Economy and Consumer Retention are our lanes and we know how to deal with many issues that develop throughout the day-to-day and inherently know how to do business in today’s reality and conditions. 

MSO+ specializes in providing clinics (and providers) with ethical oversight, business development (through CIFR), financial audits and management, in addition to managing online/social media presence and advertising, marketing and impact analytics as a  service to other companies and private entrepreneurs to help them improve their businesses, and their impact on the local community. 

MSO+ is able to analyze any activity and provide decision makers with the bulk of solutions how to decrease expenses, using hidden opportunities and spheres ripened for investment/development.

MSO+ is a leader in integrative care management, focused on clinics and other specialty healthcare centers and organizations that meet qualifications.

Our team of professionals have honed their experience in fiduciary oversight, finance audit and management, lobby and government relations, marketing, sales and many other daily business processes.

We offer a full range of services including design, implementation, studies, consultations, financial audits, analysis, and investigations of compliance of the enterprises.

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MSO+ is a division of Compassion Center, and is dedicated to improving, long-term outcomes for patients (and providers), by specializing in the provision of a diverse range of professional services from advertising to web development and all aspects in between. 

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