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International Headquarters:
1915 NE Stucki Avenue, Ste. 308, Hillsboro, Oregon 97006
(Administrative Office Across from the Hillsboro VA Clinic)

Operating Through Established Offices/Clinics/Providers In:

Portland, OR | Green River, WY | Las Vegas, NV | Reno, NV | Dallas, TX Austin, TX | Grand Rapids, MI | Spokane, WA | Sacramento, CA
Honolulu, HI | Sun City, AZ | Jackson, MS | Tuscumbia, AL | Provo, UT
Atlanta, GA | Louisville, KY | Chicago, IL | Madison, WI | Baton Rouge, LA

A Division of:

MSOplus: Dedicated group of business development, finance, administrative and healthcare industry experts, and like-minded professionals, who mesh well together, managing business while generating ideas and realizing them.

MSOplus is a division of Compassion Center, a 501(c)(3) public charity medical management services organization founded by patients for patients in service to patients: Combining professional education, patient advocacy and healthcare innovations that serve categorically complex, terminally ill and underserved populations with affordable, accessible knowledgeable integrative healthcare. 

MSOplus provides practitioners, clinics, healthcare systems, hospices and hospitals, and a wide variety of nonprofit organizations with a full range of lower-cost management, administrative, data and financial management services, lowering overhead while focusing on what is most important: The PATIENTS.
MSOplus Administratively Manages the Following Clinics/Clinic Systems/Organizations:
MSOplus focuses on providing: Administrative Oversight, Business Process Outsourcing, ICD 9-10 Medical Coding & Billing, Accounting, Fiduciary and Finance, Marketing and Media Advertising, Production, Jurisprudence, Contracts (BAA, Business, Employment, Financial, Memorandums, etc), Economical Analysis, Patient Retention and Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits Management are our most proficient lanes of professional services: We Love To Do Our Jobs!  

MSOplus specializes in supporting integrative healthcare clinics (and providers) with comprehensive patient education and support services regarding wellness optmization combining integrative medicine with traditional therapy. Combining administrative with ethical oversight, and helping hone staffing needs to what is actually needed by a practice, MSOplus leverages business development skills to enhance outcomes for their stakeholders, request a practice evaluation today. 

MSO+ is a leader in management services with three distinct divisions providing services; 1) NPO Management Services for nonprofit organizations and community based initiatives that qualify; 2) Health and Wellness Facilities & Other Licensed Practitioners, and 3) Legal, Legislative, Lobby and Government Relations, focusing on maintaining an open line of communication with stakeholders. MSOplus was developed to operate compliantly due to its laser focus on empowering clinics and compassionate providers in service to patients and the programs that improves their outcomes.

Compassion Center is a proven leader in medical and healthcare innovation, perfecting processes in medical cannabis evaluations, remote exams, recommendations and followup, after pioneering the exam process in the early 2K’s when medical cannabis was still taboo and medical providers were being prosecuted for serving patients. We are still grateful to be under the expert leadership and guidance from those industry leaders, who remain the pioneers who brought in the program. We are blessed to still be serving patients today through online clinics (mobile applications), B2B employee wellness plans, clinic systems & more! 

When it comes to perfecting processes and integrating solutions, MSOplus is on the cutting edge, bringing technology to the forefront. MSO+ is another sister division to Compassion Center’s Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR), an Internationally operating disruptive healthcare incubator responsible for collaborative projects like the Teach1Serve10 Free Clinic combating both uncompensated care & opioid dependency while giving away healthcare to local underserved populations in the cities that the IPAC expos visit. 

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MSOplus is a division of Compassion Center, and is dedicated to improving, long-term outcomes for patients (and providers), by specializing in the provision of a diverse range of professional services from administrative oversight to management services and avertising to web development, and all aspects in between. 

If you are an executive, or former C-Suite, and want to volunteer a part of your time to effectuating international change in the patient outcome and healthcare sectors, please submit your full CV to the Compassion Center Board of Trustees, Office of Accountability & Transparency Director by

For part-time and full-time employment opportunities, please visit our careers page by clicking here. To Volunteer: Submit CV above.